All new players start with our ‘Basic Games’. In basic games players cannot shoot their own team-mates but this like any other element of the game, this can be changed to make a more challenging game. Basic Games are ideal for the younger player, particularly birthday parties, as special powers can be given to the birthday boy or girl.

Basic Games

Basic (Team / Solo) – Recommended for parties and beginners. Players gain 10 points for tagging an opponent, but do not lose any points for being tagged, deactivated or hit by special weapons. Powers include Invisibility, Megapower and Rapid-fire, with Ammo and Energy also available.

Base Basic (Team Only) Based on the basic team game, but with team bases. Bases will not tag their own colour. Tagging an enemy base will award the player with a points bonus.

Blasters (Team / Solo) – Recommended for most players. Similar to Basic games, players still gain 10 points for a tag, BUT players lose 5 points for being tagged! Points are also lost when tagged by GEMs, hit by special powers, or when deactivated. Introduces the Dark Thief power allowing players to steal 10% Ammo and 10% Credits off players tagged.

Intermediate games are aimed at more experienced players, who have played several games. They are also ideal for team building events. Again, here are just a few of the kinds of games they can play:

Intermediate Games

Medic (Team Only) There is no energy available in the arena. If a player buys Megapower any player tagged will Gain 1 energy. Note: this will happen to the opposition as well as your own team).

Snake (Team / Solo) Based on the Basic games, but with a GEM set to tag players with the snake bite. When bitten, a player buy the Serum from another GEM before the poison kills them (losing a life).

Vampire (Team / Solo) Based on a Basic game, but with a GEM set to mark players by the Vampire. Marked players will be attacked by bats at regular intervals (losing energy) until they lose a life or buy Garlic from another GEM.

Survival (Team / Solo)A game with limited Ammo and Energy. Players must use stealth and cunning to stay alive. Extra Energy and Ammo is available but at a high cost.

Defector (Team Only) Fed up with your existing team? tag the coloured GEM to change to that team colour (If you have enough credits) and tag them instead. Guaranteed not to win you any friends. Be the first to change to Blue or Yellow and you’ll be able to tag everyone!

Guild of Thieves / Pink Panther (Team / Solo) Steal your opponents Credits and crack open the ‘Safe GEM’ to gain the loot of 1000 points. In this game, everyone can gain Dark Thief very easily – it only costs 1 credit and lasts for the whole of a life. Dark Thief is set to steal All of the credits from the victim. The objective is to collect 80 credits and shoot the ‘safe’ GEM to gain the loot. This will give the player 1000 points BUT will remove Dark Thief.

This is a very fast paced game with players trying to work out who stole their credits, so they can get them back, and the odd sly player who stakes out the ‘safe’ GEM hoping to get 1 lucky shot at someone with over 80 credits.

Note: The Phaser cannot display more than 160 credits but the Game PC knows when you have more. Honour amongst Thieves (Team Only) Identical to Guild of Thieves / Pink panther, except that players can steal credits from their team-mates as well!

These are games designed for tournaments and special events – for the hardcore player!

Advanced Games

Borg Pairs / Triplets / Quads (Solo Only) Players are grouped with other players and share powers, ammo, energy etc. If 1 player gains a power, the group will. If 1 player is deactivated the other player in the group will be as well. Queen Bee / Yop War (Team Only) Players are split into teams (2, 3 or 4). Each team must select a ‘Queen Bee’ – credit holder before hte game begins, and this must be kept secret from the other teams.

Players start with 2 lives and 10 energy per life.

Players must shoot the opposition to gain credits (as normal), then shoot the GEMs to gain energy.

Any player shooting a team-mate will lose 2 energy, but pass on 1 credit.

The objective is to pass 80 credits to the ‘Queen’, allowing them tag the GEM to gain rubbershoes / electroblaster to take out the opposition!

1 hit from electroblaster will game over most players (unless they have bought loads of energy). Lightning will remove a life so be careful.

Red Rover / British Bulldog (Team Only) All players start green, except for 1 Red player. When a Red player tags a Green they will turn Red. When a Green player tags a Red they will just be disabled. The object of the game is to be the last Green player tagged – you gain a big points bonus before turning Red – everyone else turns Green and it all starts over again.

Level Run (Team / Solo) GEMs must be tagged in the correct order to progress through the levels. Get to the last level and become ‘King Adventurer’ for a points or power reward. If you get deactivated you must start again from the lowest level.

Acquisition (Team Only) All GEMs start off neutral (White). When won by a team they change to that colour and will no-longer give powers etc to the other teams. A team strategy is essential – will you capture the low cost GEMs, such as Ammo and Energy, or will you go for the high cost Dark Thief and Invisibility? Detonator (Team Only) Tag the Detonator GEM (80 Credits) to start the countdown that will deactivate the opposite Team(s). Stop the countdown by tagging the same GEM with the required points.

Friendly Fire (FF Team Only) These games are based on their basic and intermediate versions, BUT a player tagging their own team will lose points and so will the player tagged!

Highlander (Solo Only) Solo eliminator game – for experienced players only!!! Probably the most complex game ever! This game is played as a Solo game, with players stealing credits, moving through levels, gaining powers, changing colours and eventually killing off the other players. The last player alive wins (Decapitation not necessary!)

All players start off Green, as they become more powerful, they change from green through Yellow , Red to Blue – at which point they should be avoided at all costs! Starting with 1 life and 99 Energy. One of the GEMs is set to lightning – so watch out as it will take you out of the game!

Level 1 – 5 Credits, Changes the player to Yellow & gives Invisibility

Level 2 – 10 Credits, Changes the player to Red & gives Nebuliser (Firing from the phaser blob only)

Level 3 – 15 Credits, Changes the player to Blue & gives Rubber Shoes.

Other GEMs sell Dark Thief, Megapower etc/ After gaining Rubber Shoes, get tagged by the lightning GEM to gain Electroblaster. This is set to do 200 damage, taking out another player with 1 shot – but it has a slow fire rate. “There can be only One!”

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