LazerZone Barrow

The Bodysuit

The Bodysuit has been designed to be as light as possible. Each has adjustable height and weight straps making it comfortable for children and adults alike whatever their build.

The suit is fitted with Tricolour LEDs that will clearly illuminate your teams colour.

Each suit is fitted with infra-red sensors, which detect when an opponent is tagging you. These are located on the front, back, sides and shoulders of the pack meaning you can be tagged from any angle, so be careful!

Two crystal clear speakers are located on the shoulders of each suit ,sound effects are played through these speakers to coincide with each event in the game.

Every bodysuit has a fast radio link to the central computer that constantly updates the game data. This is then processed into information, which is displayed on the LCD of the phaser. This means that the player is able to constantly check their status during a game

Darklight laser tagThe Phaser

The new phaser is designed to be lightweight and is extremely comfortable to use.
An infra-red sensor on the barrel means it is possible to tag the phaser. This makes it possible to tag a player who is pointing their phaser round a corner.

An LCD (liquid crystal display) is placed at the rear of the phaser. The new Darklight system includes a graphical display making this much more eye-catching and intuitive.

The ultra-bright laser allows you to see exactly where you are firing making targeting much easier.

An advanced dual lens Collimator focuses the infra-red beam to make it extremely accurate for distances of up to 150 feet!

There are additional infra-red emitters on the sides of the phaser, which can be used when the player has the relevant power up. This means that the player can shoot in three directions at the same time.

Lazerzone BarrowGEMs – Game Enhancement Modules

GEMs are one of the major differences between the Darklight system and the less technologically advanced systems. The GEMs make the arena wholly interactive and means that players will have to battle against the arena as well as their opponents.

Each GEM is fitted with a motion sensor that will detect your approach. Once you have been detected a countdown will begin where you will have a certain amount of time to either tag the GEM or get out of its range.

GEMs can also be helpful. Every time you score a hit in the game you will be given credits, this can be seen on your LCD screen. Once you have collected enough credits you can exchange them for various power ups by tagging the GEM. These power ups will vary depending on the game that you are playing. If you want to gain a particularly effective power up you will have to save up credits during the game, as they will cost more credits.

GEMs can also be programmed to work as bases, energisers or mines depending on the style of game.

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  1. says:

    My daughter has asthma and is invioted to a party tomorrow. Is she allowed to comer to Laserzone please and is the smoke ok for asthmatics?

    • We have quite a lot of children with asthma who play without problem. Sometimes we are asked to turn off the smoke machine sometimes just to keep it to minimum. We are happy to do either and it is up to you / party parents to judge. You can check out the arena yourself before play if you wish

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